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I’ve Moved!

Hey guys.  Come check out TheGingerLifeBlog.  Its where I now reside 🙂


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The Book is Here!!!

Finally…after almost forever (ok 4 years, but thats a long time in author world) the book is out in ebook and paperback format!!



It has also won an award which I can tell you more about in July 🙂 The contest results are not public yet. But I am thrilled!!

You may enjoy this book if:

1.  You have ever had a crazy, quirky, weird, strange, funny roommate.

2.  You like to laugh out loud

Also a few other side notes reguarding Ingram Spark…

Although I found there uploading process quite laborous, I LOVE the look of the print book.  It is great.  Also they have been more than helpful everytime I call them.  So if you’re thinking of self publishing, just know, while they may not be the easiest, they do provide a quaility product.  Which is huge.




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