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Hello all! 

I am happy to announce my return to blog world.  I missed you peeps.

I took a break from blogging, but my chocolate addiction and puffin obsessions have remained in full force.   My internship at the School for the Deaf is going very well.  It is challenging and exhausting but I do love it.  Puffins even came in handy the first day of my internship. 

obsession in action

I had emailed my supervisor a few weeks before I began to ask what curriculum she wanted me to be familiar with and what I needed to do to prepare.  Her only request was that I please bring my lunch the first day.

The night before my first day I packed a feta, mustard and humus wrap (the bomb) with carrots and an apple like a responsible kid.  I shoved the lunch bag in fridge, it was totally ready for my big day.  Unfortunately the next morning my LEA  (lose everything always syndrome) set in and I forgot the lunch.

When I got to School and I met my supervisor she asked if I remembered my lunch, her question made me remember that I hadn’t.  Bummer, I hate LEA.

Lucky for me lately I am so puffins obsessed that I keep a box in my car.  When lunch time rolled around I marched out to my car and grabbed a box of peanut butter puffins (a flavor that has since grown on me ever since I dissed it in one of my blogs).

I went into the teacher’s lounge with my cereal box and poured a huge mound of puffins on my napkin.  Turns out PB puffins make as great of a lunch as they do a breakfast and snack.  I am fully aware that I looked ridiculous but painful hunger was avoided.   Thanks Barbara the puffin maker.

Barbra also send me something fantastic in the mail: a sample of a possible future puffin flavor.  Guess what it was?


And she sent me two coupons for totally free puffins products – they lasted me a week.

I tried two separate pb chocolate puffins flavors and took an internet survey on them.  I wanted more, but the flavor is not out yet so I made my own chocolate pb puffin bites in the mean time.  Talk about AWESOME.  Recipe and pics are on the way!


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