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I’ve Moved!

Hey guys.  Come check out TheGingerLifeBlog.  Its where I now reside 🙂


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The Book is Here!!!

Finally…after almost forever (ok 4 years, but thats a long time in author world) the book is out in ebook and paperback format!!



It has also won an award which I can tell you more about in July 🙂 The contest results are not public yet. But I am thrilled!!

You may enjoy this book if:

1.  You have ever had a crazy, quirky, weird, strange, funny roommate.

2.  You like to laugh out loud

Also a few other side notes reguarding Ingram Spark…

Although I found there uploading process quite laborous, I LOVE the look of the print book.  It is great.  Also they have been more than helpful everytime I call them.  So if you’re thinking of self publishing, just know, while they may not be the easiest, they do provide a quaility product.  Which is huge.




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Writing a book is not for the faint of heart.  It is not, as I once believed, something you just do.  

No.  Its actually a journey you go on.

This journey, my journey, has been a long one.  Approximately 3 years longer than I estimated and so much more work.  Editing, re-editing, scrapping chapters and re-writing chapters.  Like all journeys there were times of exhilaration and joy and times of passionate frustration.   More than once I was given reason to believe I may FINALLY have landed an agent.  But when those led nowhere, I decided to self publish though Ingram Spark, a company with several DIY publishing options.  

I wish I could say this was a thrifty walk in the park, but it truly has been neither cheap, nor easy.  Uploading the book in all the correct file formats was beyond me as each file for the book, ebook and corresponding covers were required to be in different formats.  I thought it would be pretty simple.  I’m no computer genius, but I’m savvy and once blogged for over a year so I somewhat understand computer things….  But this was…a lot.  

And just when I was about to pull all of my hair out of my help and let the grand idea of my publishing my book be put to rest, my wonderful husband stepped in to help.  With his knowledge of coding he spent hours getting the ebook formatted.  And sizing things.  And tabbing things…He is wonderful.  And now we are only days away from a book release so that is VERY relieving.  Not to mention EXCITING!

I cannot blame Ingram Spark for my computer ignorance. I can only say (from my experience) its a bit difficult to self publish though them.  I am hopeful the final book will be awesome and can’t wait to see it.  One good thing, I did have a good experience calling them and they were super helpful.    

All this to say that the long journey is finally coming to an end.  I can see a finish line.  I’m not sure I can say I would do this journey again.  But I’m glad to have done it.  

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Sister got back from Peru today!

Doesn’t she look like a legit Peru type person?

Check out the sweet Peru purse, mittens and headband she brought me!

Thanks sister – I love it!

Also the New Years resolution is ON!

Behold – the cell phone that WILL last me the ENTIRE year of 2011:

Please note that it is sitting on top of my handy-dandy PLANNER which I am positive will keep me totally organized this year. 

Si se puede!  (I think I can).

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Just like everyone esle I always have totally lame-o resolutions.  You know the ones I am talking about…

  • I will lose 5 -10 lbs this year
  • I will stop drinking as much coffee
  • I will stop drinking diet coke
  • I will workout every day

But this year I am throwing the lame – o resolutions to the wind and going for something HUGE.

Yes It is a challenge I have never tried to undertake before and this is the year to make it happen.  Do you remember target go phone #4?  The one that replaced target go phone # 3 when it broke to pieces?

Well, sadly go phone #4 has gone.

I dont know where, but it has.

Which leads me to my brand new resolution: 

 Keep ONE cell phone for a whole year.

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!

Happy new year 🙂

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The Christmas Mom

Merry Christmas. 

Behold my first book – The Christmas mom.  I wrote in when I was in first grade. It is hillarious.

the mom wasn't certain about Christmas

mom still liked it a little

the mom had to do all the work...she was sad

Help me!

I asked mom if she liked christmas...she said NO.


Mom got some presents because she was special

the christmas mom liked it better
the end

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What I’ve been up to…

Hey all.  I know its been a while.  It is much easier to keep up with the blog when I do not have a full-time job/internship.  I am not as good at time management as I would like to be. 

Several of you had commented about the internship so I wanted to give you a brief update on it despite the fact that it has nothing to do with food/chocolate or puffins.  I know – even I am impressed that I am writing about something different.

I cannot go into detail, but in general I work with deaf kiddos with special needs to help develop their fine motor skills (grasping, cutting, writing, buttoning, ect.).  Last year I decided to learn sign language on top of getting my masters degree in occupational therapy in order to be able to do my internship with the deaf population.  I learned a lot of sign, however as with all languages it takes time and practice to develop.  Therefore my signing is still a work in progress. 

What I love the most is the little things, like a few weeks ago when a three-year old chewed me out in sign because I was signing the word “ready” slightly incorrectly.  She had a good point, but I could not help but laugh to myself as she re-taught me the sign. I have to respect such audacity in a three-year old.

I love working with kids.  I feel completely in my element when I am around them. 

I am still going to keep up with the blog when I have the opportunity.  The chocolate and puffins will be returning soon.  I still have a chocolate covered puffin recipe to share.

I am also still working on my book which is coming along well.  I will share more about it later.

I hope everyone has a wonderful thanksgiving – we have so much to be thankful for.

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