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All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

I didnt want to tell you this, but my best friend insisted that I put this on the blog.  Leave it to my BFF to call me out, force me to be honest with myself and then admit it to the WWW.

So here goes…

Deep breath.

For the first time probably ever I made a new years resolution.  Not only did I make a resolution, I made a challenging one.

I decided to try to keep the same cell phone for a whole year.

I know to some people this does not seem challenging…but for me this is the equivalent of climbing mt. everest…

with an articial limb.

Unfortunately, on January 30th I lost my cell phone.

Fortunately, after having a total of 5 cell phones in 2010, I am a pro at getting a new one.

I know its a silly resolution, but it really frustrates me.  If I cant keep up with a cell phone, how am I supposed to get anywhere in life? 

I have yet to figure this out…but in the mean time I got a new go phone from target and a set a NEW new years resolution:

To keep the cell phone I have for a whole year starting from Feb. 2011.


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Just like everyone esle I always have totally lame-o resolutions.  You know the ones I am talking about…

  • I will lose 5 -10 lbs this year
  • I will stop drinking as much coffee
  • I will stop drinking diet coke
  • I will workout every day

But this year I am throwing the lame – o resolutions to the wind and going for something HUGE.

Yes It is a challenge I have never tried to undertake before and this is the year to make it happen.  Do you remember target go phone #4?  The one that replaced target go phone # 3 when it broke to pieces?

Well, sadly go phone #4 has gone.

I dont know where, but it has.

Which leads me to my brand new resolution: 

 Keep ONE cell phone for a whole year.

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!

Happy new year 🙂

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I do have some strengths, however keeping up with things is NOT one of them.  A few months ago I diagnosed my self with LEA syndrome which is classified by one constantly Losing Everything Always.  Now I have found a more accurate diagnosis. 

I have BLEA.  Break and/or Lose Everything Always.

This morning my cell phone which was also my alarm clock collapsed into several different pieces. 

I would love to blame this on a pet dog, a hyper child or heck even an aggressive plant, but the truth is I just dropped it one too many times.  In fact,  I no longer buy cell phones that cost over $19.99, because I know that they have a short lifespan in my possession.  

Today is the inauguration of Target go-phone #4.  I usually average about 4 phones a year, which means this one needs to last me until January (gulp).

I wish BLEA was limited to cell phones, but BLEA affects all areas of my life.  That is classic of the disorder.

  • On this past family vacation, I lost my brand new nightguard.  I will spare you the dirty details and sum it up like this: nightguards are expensive and Mom Cindy is NOT down with funding two of them.
  • A few days ago I went running and locked my car keys in the car, but took my house key with me – like that was going to help.
  • I am on Drivers license #3 – for this year.

I could go on, I really could, but I do not want to bore you to tears (literally) with stories of my BLEA.

I am just wondering if this can be overcome.  I always assumed I would grow up, become “responsible” and my BLEA (which was undiagnosed at the time) would simply disappear. 

The bad news is BLEA has only gotten worse with age. 

Maybe one day by the Grace of God a miracle will happen  and I will really become “responsible”. 

Untill then I am on the lookout for a cheap infomercial with some kind of cure all pill and/or gadget to forever eradicate BLEA. 

I am sure this plan will work because infomercials have the answer for everything.

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